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Paramount provides unparalleled customer service staffing solutions

Your contact center can make or break your reputation. That’s why you want the right people representing your company on the front lines. At Paramount, we understand this. We’re the industry leader in call center and customer service staffing — and we’ve got 25+ years' experience to prove it.

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Take Control of Your
Contact Center

Quality Candidates

Get reliable candidates with verifiable work experience. We screen and select qualified customer service representatives and call center agents for you and your target goals.

Skill Assessments

At Paramount, we assess every candidate with an efficient, computer-based assessment of hard skills and a personalized assessment of soft skills.

Communication and Service

Our recruiting process attracts top talent with outstanding customer service and communication skills. We provide responsive service, keeping you updated throughout the hiring process.

Specialized Relationship

Contact center professionals are the face and voice of your company. They interact directly with your customers, and we know how important it is to find the right fit for these roles. With our specialty in contact centers, we can quickly provide a pool of highly qualified candidates who are who are experienced in providing excellent customer service, managing high call volumes, and navigating complex software systems.

Quality Candidates


We find people who aim to please. Our candidates have positive, empathetic personalities. We help ensure that every potential employee is prepared to address customer needs.


Count on our candidates to come through for you. They’re skilled at navigating client needs, treating customers with respect, and answering every call.


Companies want courteous customer service representatives who know how to talk to people, diffuse tense situations, and solve problems.

Are You A talented Customer Service Representative?

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