Compassion is Paramount.

And the healthcare industry thrives on it.

Healthcare professionals are in high demand, and candidates who understand the importance of providing patient-centered care are vital to the success of your organization. Paramount is committed to finding well-rounded individuals that deliver exceptional patient experiences. From Medical Billing Specialists to Nurse Practitioners to Pharmacists and Physician’s Assistants, we address healthcare staffing needs for clients in Atlanta and throughout the nation.

With Paramount, you get

tireless effort to find compassionate, Adaptable candidates

Unmatched Pre-Screening, Credentialing And In-Office, Computer-Based Skills Assessments

reliable communication throughout the placement process

Rigorous Screenings

Know who you’re hiring.

From background checks and drug screenings to reference checks, we thoroughly screen healthcare professionals to ensure that our clients are presented with honest, reliable candidates.

Credential Checks

Confidence to hire the best.

Verifying education, certifications, job history and credentials are some of the most important tasks of our recruiters and staffing team. This allows us to present the most qualified candidates for your available positions.

In-Person Interviews

Enhance your environment.

We understand that personality matches and soft skills are key to creating a high functioning work environment. With a keen eye for emotional intelligence, Paramount’s medical recruiters seek out candidates that provide memorable patient experiences and make teamwork a priority.

Traits we look for in top healthcare talent

Empathetic Disposition

As a medical professional, you’re often meeting people on one of their worst days. That’s why empathy and compassion are critical traits of a healthcare industry candidate.

Active Problem Solvers

Ideal healthcare professionals consistently look for ways to make bad situations better. They are critical thinking experts that maintain a flexible approach and stay cool under pressure.

Exceptional Interpersonal Skills

Outstanding healthcare industry candidates are naturally people-persons. They have an instinct to be helpful and friendly to those in need and who require care.

Are you a Medical Assistant or a Licensed Nurse Practitioner?

We’re looking for qualified healthcare professionals like you!