Culture is Paramount.

Create one that enhances your business with the right hires.

From administrative professionals to accounting specialists and senior leadership, the health of your business is determined by the individuals you place within these essential roles. Fortunately, the industry experts at Paramount understand the nuances that are necessary in placing successful administrative, financial and executive leaders within your business.

Our corporate culture experts

Save you time by delivering the highest quality candidates

Work to understand your company's specific needs And Project Timelines

Remain attentive, communicative and enthusiastic

Executive Search

Make hires that inspire.

Executives need to be influential, strategic and possess the ability to inspire their employees to do their best work. At Paramount, we garner a deep understanding of your business’ goals so we can match you with the best talent suited to impact your entire business. We conduct relationship-based interviews geared towards assessing skills, personality and expertise so you’ll only entertain the most capable candidates.

Administrative Professionals

Behind every good business is a great team.

Administrative support is critical to keeping projects on task and maintaining consistent workflow. But with varying management styles, corporate cultures and industries, different types of support staff is required. The Paramount team is seasoned in filling roles like administrators, receptionists and assistants, finding personalities, expertise, and the soft skills that match up with your business needs and goals.

Financial Services

If time is money, it’s time for a new hire.

Your accounting & operations department’s accuracy and timeliness directly affect your business’ bottom line. That’s why we complete a detailed interview process to find the most qualified candidates. Our goal is to present you with the best of the best in the financial industry. So, we stay up-to-date with current trends, acquisitions and license requirements to streamline the vetting process and save you time.

Perception is Paramount

And the right attitude makes all the difference.

The success of your contact center can mean the difference between a booming business and a bad reputation. Paramount can help you harness and shape your customers’ perception of your company by placing the right people on your front lines. Get happier customers, more satisfied clients, and repeat business with a highly skilled, high functioning team.

We'll help you take control of your contact center

With An Efficient, Computer-Based Assessment Of Hard Skills And A Personalized Assessment Of Soft Skills

By Selecting Reliable Contact Center Candidates With Verifiable Work Experience

With Our Responsive Service, Keeping You Updated Throughout The Hiring Process

Face-to-Face Interviews

To find the face of your company.

The contact center expert can be a delicate role to fill. These professionals will be the face and voice of your company, interacting directly with customers. That’s why we strive to meet each candidate in-person and properly vet them for skill set and personality match.

Focus on the Customer

Use your customer to choose your hire.

When we’re looking for the right candidates, we keep your customers top of mind. Who is your business’s ideal client and who is the right person to address their needs? Once we understand who you’re targeting, we can give you the best group of candidates to choose from.

Industry Expertise

Find the right candidate for your business.

Paramount has a deep understanding of a variety of industries. It’s this insider knowledge that allows us to quickly and effectively staff for a range of contact center needs. From customer service experts to collections agents, we hand-select contact center candidates that will grow within your industry as they grow your business.

Personality traits of a quality candidate


We look for candidates with empathetic personalities and thoughtful dispositions to ensure that every potential employee is prepared to address the needs of the customer.


Our best candidates expertly navigate client needs, treat customers with respect, and answer every call. They can be counted on to show up and do their best work every day.


Top businesses want contact center experts who know how to talk to people, diffuse tense situations, and assure the customer that everything is under control.

Are you a talented Customer Service Representative?

We're looking for reliable candidates to support great businesses!